About 3D Worlds


Experience Live Virtual Reality in online 3D worlds, Interactive 3D combined with 3D chat rooms and 3D environments makes VRML a good choice for private secure chat while experiencing some wild and extraordinary 3D open world environments.

Woopwoop provides a stable open world environment in which users can stroll with friends along a beach or meet up on another planet for a conference with colleagues. The open world chat platform provides users with a straightforward and powerful online stage for communication and collaboration boasting many worlds to explore.

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Players in VRML Worlds use an interactive gaming style 3D platform to collaborate both visually and verbally in online communities.

Using 3D VRML platforms requires a small browser plugin called BS Contact which is available for private usage on the internet at Bitmanagement website.

Players wishing to use the interactive chat worlds will need to use internet explorer or another active X browser for the moment as the 7.2 BS Contact plug in is required for the 3D Chat server and this verion only works with IE.

Crazy Browser is the best choice for LIVE 3D Here


Golden House

Golden House - Office of the Christ. Live World


Garden Of World Peace

A tribute to Lord Krishna.

Live World

Garden of Truth

A tribute to Lord Buddha.

Live World