VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) is a language for describing three-dimensional ( 3-D ) image sequences and possible user interactions to go with them. Using VRML, you can build a sequence of visual images into Web settings with which a user can interact by viewing, moving, rotating, and otherwise interacting with an apparently 3-D scene. For example, you can view a room and use controls to move the room as you would experience it if you were walking through it in real space.

Introduction to using VRML Open Worlds

Players in VRML Worlds use an interactive gaming style 3D platform to collaborate both visually and verbally in online communities.

Using 3D VRML platforms requires a small browser plugin called Plugin BS Contact which is available for private usage on the internet at Bitmanagement website. BSContact platform also requires Internet Explorer 11 for best viewing or another Active X Browser such as Crazy Browser.