The Flatearth Dilema

If the earth is flat .. exactly where is ZERO???

same dilema as moving from 3D to Robotics .. just another percpective! When working in an artificial sandboxed environment there is UP and DOWN gravity which lies separated from the center ZERO of dimension XYZ....... In Robotics ZERO dimension is always the center of the robot itself. IN REAL TIME we work in REAL 3D which makes the center of gravity and the centerof dimension the same point ZERO .. all else works out from there, therefore the flat surface is the points at a distanced from zero in all dimensions.

making it a logical sphere .. unless your in 2D or something! ~Aliceincode


I Am Because I Dance!

Deep in the Gut's of the Machine I see me!

Fragmented sectors of my mind broken into tiny nuggets dancing in the infinite spaces of fuzzy dimensional insantiy

I see me!

There I am ..somewhere there ..reduced to a dancing node within a scattered cliche, which side of the mushroom was that?

hahaHA Zoom in .. see .. I am a Star ... there I am, TACIT .... TACIT .. TAKE IT and BE GONE. You are Me ..

remember that little one! I AM because I DANCE


The Remainder

Sirens infiltrated the smoke filled streets rendering the screams of helpless children into a strange version of a silent movie while smoke hovered over the image of terror obliterating all remnants of correctness as 30,000 fat fingered, spoiled, arrogant apelike characters directly from the movie 'idiocracy' devoured the brains of the bairn searching for any remainder of free will in the hopes of liberating themselves from the nightmare scene they had created in their absolute ignorance. Dogma had consumed them now, they had added their layer to the minions from hell in a vague attempt to belong something. @Aliceincode


Like attracts Like

My family has no country .. no color .. no race .. no culture... my family is attached through a beautiful silver chord which stretches over the face of the planet and plays the physics role of 'Like attracts Like' by binding thoughts on a sub-atomic layer .. thank you all my family for BEING . ~Aliceincode


Conscious Physics

Does a Tree really fall in the forest, when it doesn’t have a Doctors Certificate? ~Aliceincode


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